I met my first co-sign Nov. 12 Scorpio male yesterday. I’ve known one or two other girls with the same birthday as me, but a guy (that’s not Ryan Gosling) sharing my birthday has always intrigued me. Trust, I’ve conducted lots of research about Scorpio traits, but the astrological symbolism of November 12th is different. We tend to be extremely intense souls, souls of the utmost emotional insanity. I don’t know how much Ryan Gosling and I have in common (other than cute facial features) but this guy I met was strikingly parallel to myself. We are both writers (mainly poets), whom can only write at the convenience of heartbreak, emotional despair, insanity and sadness. so scorpio. And we both fell in love with writers. It was just interesting to see our deep similarities, and I strongly believe that people who share birthdays are uniquely bonded. 

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this girl with bushy eyebrows that hangs out with my ex ew
I wish I was kissing you instead of missing you. wut even is kissing tho (via bri8113)

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